beat those valentine's blues; part 2

Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about embracing all the other relationships in your life where you give and receive affection. Part 2 continues this excerpt from Lost My Partner.

Use the Valentine’s holiday to show your appreciation of these other important personal relationships in some of the following ways:

-Schedule an outing or meal such as lunch or dinner to get together with a good friend or family member.

-Remember when you were a kid and gave valentines to friends and classmates? Revive this childhood custom with relatives and friends.

-Show yourself some appreciation. Think back and list on a valentine card at least two things you’ve achieved since your spouse’s death that you used to think weren’t possible. It’s important to give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made.

-Treat yourself to some pampering (a manicure or massage), or buy yourself a gift (hobby items or clothes or yes, a box of chocolates).

Remember that your marriage was just one of several caring relationships in your life. This year, begin a new tradition by celebrating more of them.

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