knowing your "moment"

One of our most popular posts discusses the decision about when to remove your wedding ring.

Earlier this month, we read a posting about how the late actor Patrick Swayze’s widow, struggled with this painful decision.

Two years after Patrick’s death, on the set of “New York Live”, Lisa Niemi Swayze discussed her 34 year marriage and her decision to finally remove her wedding ring:

“About a year or eight months ago, all of a sudden I had this bizarre thought and it didn’t really make sense to me, but I had a moment when I went, ‘You know what this ring says? I’m married to his physical form.’” She goes on to add, “And actually my connection to him, since he has been gone, has been much deeper than that.”  (Read more)

As we’ve said in When Should I Stop Wearing My Wedding Ring? removing your ring is always a very personal choice. There is no right or wrong time.

In Lisa’s case, she “had a moment” when taking this important step felt right for her.

Whether it’s taking off your ring, disposing of your partner’s belonging or making other difficult personal decisions, knowing your own “moment” is about trusting yourself to reach this point, however long it seems to take.

Please share with us your own “moments” about removing your ring or other conflicted decisions!

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