show support for military families

In addition to Veteran's Day coming up, the President has declaired November as "Military Family Month".  Whether you're a surviving family member or just want to offer support to the families of deceased or currently deployed service men and women, here's some great non-profit organizations you should check out: 

T.A.P.S. (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), is an outstanding organization that provides 24/7 support and resources for military survivors of all ages.Their home page offers several options for bereavement support, as well as services and resources for grieving survivors.

National Military Family Association.  In addition to a survivor resources page, this site offers good resources and ways to support the families of active military.

Military Family Support. This site suggests a variety of simple, cost-free ways to support military families.

We encourage you to check these out.

Please let us know about other sites you've discovered!