reflections by deb edwards: what i know for sure about being a widow - 2 years later

Here's an update that Deb Edwards sent 2 years after her husband's death:

When I think about my husband now, I remember more of the happy times than the sad times.

Time passes differently now; the first year time was measured in hours, days, weeks and months. Now it is years.

I am learning just how capable I am...in surprising ways.

Some days the “hole” actually feels a little smaller.

I found out who my real friends are and I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

Life does go on - I see that in the eyes of my grandchildren and with every passing season.

Grief still sneaks in when and where I least expect it…I’ve learned just to go with it and be gentle with myself. Especially in the cereal aisle.

I still have to force myself to go outside my comfort zone, but have done new things and continue to amaze myself.

I still miss my husband everyday, and can look around a room and feel like I am the only person that is not part of a couple.

I try to live my life with love and faith and forgiveness - no regrets.

There really is “light at the end of the tunnel” (can’t believe I said that) just keep your eyes, mind and heart open.

I know that my husband is looking down on me from wherever he is...and he is smiling!

This journey is not over. And the path is not always straight

Deb Edwards

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