reflections: remembering don spector on his birthday

Tomorrow would have been my dad’s 96th birthday.

If, that is, he had lived more than a few weeks past his 49th birthday.

It took me a long time before I could picture Dad as the man he was before cancer so cruelly altered him and our lives.

I try to imagine him now as an elderly man with all the physical changes that come with advanced age.

Yet despite how he might now look if he’d been able to grow old, what comes through in my thoughts are the qualities about him that would have remained ageless;

His compassion.

His sense of humor.

His intelligence.

His insights.

His love.

These are the realities of Dad that remain ageless. And always with me.



BCRing said...

Compassion, sense of humor, intelligence, insightfulness, love.

Yes, that is how I would describe him also.


Ruth and Laurie said...

We appreciate your comment, Barbara.